How our office phone booths started off

The two MEAVO Co-founders Todor and Thomas met at the London office of a well funded tech start-up. It wasn’t love at first sight though!

As Head of Marketing, Todor took charge of all things related to user acquisition ranging from Facebook ads to offline marketing in the London tube. Consequently, Todor was often on calls yelling at agencies. The noise he made really annoyed Thomas.

As Head of Strategy, Thomas needed silence to (pretend to) think. Thomas also needed privacy to discuss sensitive strategic matters with the CEO (who usually completely ignored Thomas’s advice and did the opposite).

This is when Todor and Thomas thought that it would be really helpful if they had a privacy pod in the office where they could each make calls in a quiet and private setting while also not disturbing other colleagues.

After doing extensive research, however, it turned out that phone booths were really expensive. Yikes! Prices ranged anywhere from £5,000 to £10,000. The CEO would never agree to spend so much. “We should just make them ourselves”, they initially joked. Both then discussed the idea further at the local pub and after a few pints they decided to give it a shot! The aim was to make a high quality and efficient phone pod which is affordable for everyone, especially start-ups and small businesses who don’t have the deep pockets as large corporations. Shortly after MEAVO phone booths was born.

What started as a side project quickly got traction and became their new day job. Todor and Thomas are proud of helping businesses improve their office environment and employee productivity. Having an office telephone booth makes a big difference to your bottom line - see the stats! With the increased use of open plan offices and co-working spaces it is becoming ever more important that employees can find a private place for calls where they also don’t disturb other colleagues. So, do your company a favour and get one (or two) MEAVO phone booths today!

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Featured Partner

Zinc (start-up accelerator) 

One of our latest clients is Zinc, an incubator space focusing on social issues. As we hear our booth is in constant use. Their start-ups are finally enjoying some privacy when they need it!

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*Noise Reduction stats based on testing where a noise source of 70 decibel ("traffic" per the dB Meter tool) was placed inside the booth, resulting in a reduction to 39 decibel measured from outside of the booth ("quiet library" per the dB Meter tool).
**30 day free returns are dependent on an initial viewing of one of our display units in London plus prior agreement. In all other cases the buyer is responsible for return shipping as per our T&Cs.