Why London office spaces are getting tighter

The BBC just reported that one out of three new jobs created in the UK over the past decade has been in London. That's great news for the London economy! However, it seems like the construction of new commercial real estate in the capital hasn't kept up with this trend. London office space vacancy rates have dropped from 10.2% in 2009 to 4.6% in 2018*.

Surely, the current ultra low unemployment rate of 5% contributed as well.

What does this mean for employees? Will they be squeezed into ever smaller office spaces like sardines in a can?

There's not even space for my laptop

This has also been fuelling the trend to more open-plan office layouts as businesses can fit in more employees per square foot, thereby saving costs. One thing's for sure: As more employees work in tighter spaces the need for quiet places will increase as the constant noise levels will cause distraction and disruption. Luckily, you can get one of our office phone booths to give your employees a break.

If you're not sure whether your employees need more privacy in the office, why don't you conduct an internal survey and find out? From data we gathered it seems like most employees in the UK wished they had more quiet places in the office.


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*Noise Reduction stats based on testing where a noise source of 70 decibel ("traffic" per the dB Meter tool) was placed inside the booth, resulting in a reduction to 39 decibel measured from outside of the booth ("quiet library" per the dB Meter tool).
**30 day free returns are dependent on an initial viewing of one of our display units in London plus prior agreement. In all other cases the buyer is responsible for return shipping as per our T&Cs.