Superb Noise Insulation

We're not the best at making product demo videos. That's because we focus all our energy on making awesome office phone booths. 

Engineered by leading acoustic experts and built with durable German materials, our booths provide privacy when needed.

Soundproofing of the MEAVO Office Phone Booth

Please turn up the volume to experience the soundproofing. 

MEAVO Office Phone Booths are the ideal solution for open plan offices & co-working spaces. Our booths increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

30 Day

RISK-free trial

Try our booth for 30 days. Return it for a full refund if you're not satisfied***. 

Unrivalled Customisation

Choose any exterior colour you like or even a premium wood grain finish for guaranteed perfect fit for your office.

And USB charging

Our Soho model also comes with a wireless charge pad, LED lighting, and active ventilation.

The Shoreditch

Phone Booth

Designed with love in London, using durable German materials, our booth provides superb noise insulation at an unbeatable price. 

From £1,999 (list price) | Free Delivery (M25)

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*Noise Reduction stats based on testing where a noise source of 70 decibel ("traffic" per the dB Meter tool) was placed inside the booth, resulting in a reduction to 39 decibel measured from outside of the booth ("quiet library" per the dB Meter tool).
**30 day free returns are dependent on an initial viewing of one of our display units in London plus prior agreement. In all other cases the buyer is responsible for return shipping as per our T&Cs.